Parallels: Text and Breath

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Parallels: Breath & Text is the new exhibition by Brunel University School of Engineering and Design's Artist in Residence Jayne Wilton. Jayne's practice investigates the breath as a fundamental unit of exchange between people and their environments. The work produced during Jayne Wilton's residency incorporates a host of innovative scientific techniques such as Schlieren imaging, rapid prototype printing and digital holography which allow the viewer to re-experience the often over-looked breath in visual and tangible forms. This new work conceived of collaborations with Brunel staff, primarily Professor Peter Hobson, is shown alongside previous breath works which relate to the potential of the breath to communicate directly or indirectly. Parallels: Breath & Text is situated in the Research Commons of the University Library, encouraging parallels between Wilton's art works, which frequently act as records of breaths, and the library's texts, which can also be considered a collection of breaths transmuted into written form. The serial nature of collections is also paralleled in Jayne's series of works made of knitted academic journals and in her series of breath works, where each piece appears similar and yet each is different and unique.